0198549.05 Siemens Relays  019854

0198 549.05 ABB 1SNA198549R0500 FEH9 end section diode holder

019941215 Siemens Relays  019941

019941215 ABB 1SNA199412R1500 SCH8 separator M8-M12+diode term beige

3RG4013-0AB07PF Siemens Relays  3RG401

XSP00/026646, Orange proximity sensor, simatic PXI330 inductive sensor M18, 3 wire PNP, NO (special part - the 07 at the end of the part number denotes that this sensor has an approval according to RIA 12 meaning the voltage range is 55...120vdc), SN=5mm

3RH1122-1AR60 Siemens Relays  3RH112

Sirius S00 relay 2 NO & 2 NC 400V coil

3RH1122-1BF40 Siemens Relays  3RH112

3RH1 Contactor relay 110Vdc (this unit will operate between 88-121vdc) - no spot 96vdc coil available

3RH11221BB40 Siemens Relays  3RH112

3RH1 Sirius S00 Contactor relay 22E 24Vdc

3RH1131-1AP00 Siemens Relays  3RH113

Sirius SOO contactor relay 31E 230V 50Hz

3RH11311BF40 Siemens Relays  3RH113

Sirius S00 relay 31 110Vdc screw, indirect alternative to 3TH42

3RH1140-1A00 Siemens Relays  3RH114

Siemens contactor relay, 4 NO, AC 400V 50/60Hz, screw connection, size S00

3RH1262-1BB40 Siemens Relays  3RH126

Sirius S00 contactor relay 6 NO 2 NC 24Vdc

3RH1911-1FA11 Siemens Relays  3RH191

Sirius SOO cont relay aux cont block 11

3RH1911-1HA12 Siemens Relays  3RH191

Siemens Sirius S00, auxiliary switch block, 22E, 1 NO + 2 NC, screw connections, for contactors for switching motors, 4 pole

3RH1921-1DA11 Siemens Relays  3RH192

Sirius S0-S12 contactor Aux block 1NO+1NC, din EN50012, laterally, screw connection, for motor contactors

3RH1921-1FA40 Siemens Relays  3RH192

Sirius S0-S3 contactor Auxblock 40 screw

3RH1921-2DA11 Siemens Relays  3RH192

Auxiliary switch block, 1 NO & 1 NC, DIN EN 50012, lateral, 10mm, cage clamp, for motor contactors, IP 20

3RH1921-2EA20 Siemens Relays  3RH192

Auxiliary switch block, 2 NO DIN EN50005, laterally, 10mm cage clamp, size S0....S12, for contactors for switching motors, 2 pole, IP 20

3RN1000-1AB00 Siemens Relays  3RN100

Sirius Thrmst-rly cmpct 24V

3RP1505-1AQ30 Siemens Relays  3RP150

Sirius timer 0.05s-100h multi-8, 1CO, 110V

3RP1525-1BW30 Siemens Relays  3RP152

Sirius timer 0.05s-100h ONDL 2CO 24-240V

3RP1527-1EM30 Siemens Relays  3RP152

Sirius timer 0.05-240 s ondl 2wir 90-240V

3RP1540-1BW31 Siemens Relays  3RP154

Timing relay, off delay, 9 time sett ranges

3RP1901-0B Siemens Relays  3RP190

SI: Sirius timer label set 16 functions Lable plates to suit timer part number 3RP2005- 1BW30 of which x1 will be required per timer relay which reads ON DELAY

3RP2005-1BW30 Siemens Relays  3RP200

Sirius solid state time delay relay, multi-function, 16 functions, 2 change-over contacts, AC/DC 24-240V, 0.05s to 100h, width 45mm, screw terminals, protection class IP40 for frontal/front side, protection class IP20 for the terminal, control supply vol

3RT1015-1BB41 Siemens Relays  3RT101

Sirius S00 contactor 3kW 10E 2Vdc

3RT1015-1BF41 Siemens Relays  3RT101

Sirius S00 contactor 3Kw 10E 110Vdc BR cat no 93/50199

3RT1016-1AP04 Siemens Relays  3RT101

3RT1016-1AP04-3MA0 Siemens Sirius contactor, 4Kw /400V, 2 NO + 2 NC permanent, jointed, 230Vac 50/60Hz, 3pole, Size S00 screw terminal for SUVA applications

3RT1016-1BK81 Siemens Relays  3RT101

Siemens contactor for switching motors, 52Vdc coil, 4Kw contactor size 00

3RT1017-1AP04 Siemens Relays  3RT101

3RT1017-1AP04-3MA0 Sirius 5.5Kw 12A 22E 230vac contactor

3RT1026-1BB40 Siemens Relays  3RT102

Sirius S0 contactor 11KW 00 24Vdc SCR

3RT1026-1BF40 Siemens Relays  3RT102

Sirius SO contactor 11KW 110Vdc coil

3RT1036-1XF40 Siemens Relays  3RT103

3RT1036-1XF40-0LA2 SCECC/027061Contactor, AC-3, 22Kw/400Vdc 110V, 1.7...1.25*US, 3 pole, size S2, screw connection with solid-state control block varistor integrated

3RT10463XF400LA Siemens Relays  3RT104

3RT1046-3XF40-0LA2 Siemens contactor, AC-3, 45KW/400V DC, 110V, 0.7....1.25*US, 3 pole size S3, cage clamp connection with solid state control block varistor integrated

3RT1916-1CB00 Siemens Relays  3RT191

RC element AC 24...48V, DC 24...70V, surge suppressor for mounting onto contactors size S00 without/with aux switch

3RT1946-6A Siemens Relays  3RT194

Siemens sirius S3 contactor contact set 3RT1046 - consists of 3 moveable & 6 fixed contacts with mounting acc.

3RT2017-1BB42 Siemens Relays  3RT201

Siemens contactor, AC-3, 5.5KW/400V, 1NC, DC24V, 3 pole, SZ S00 screw

3RU1116-1DB0 Siemens Relays  3RU111

Sirius S00 overload 2.20-3.20A screw

3RU1116-1EB0 Siemens Relays  3RU111

Sirius S00 overload 2.80-4.00A screw

3RU11161EB0 Siemens Relays  3RU111

Sirius S00 overload 2.80-4.00A screw

3RU1126-4BB0 Siemens Relays  3RU112

Sirius S0 overload 14.0-20.0A screw

3RU1926-3AA01 Siemens Relays  3RU192

Sirius S0 overload separate mounting

3RU2116-0EB0 Siemens Relays  3RU211

Siemens overload relay 0.28...0.40 A for motor protection SZ S00, class 10, F, mounting onto contactor main circuit. screw terminal aux circuit, screw terminal manual-automatic-reset

3RU2116-1FB0 Siemens Relays  3RU211

Siemens overload relay 3.5...5A for motor protection SZ S00, class 10, F, mounting onto contactor main circuit. screw terminal aux circuit, screw terminal manual-automatic-reset

3RU2916-3AA01 Siemens Relays  3RU291

Siemens stand alone installation support for 3RU21/3RB30/3RB31 SZ S00, screw terminal, aux circuit

3SE2210-1G Siemens Relays  3SE221

Siemens positon switch, moulded plastic, 50mm, snap action, 1 NO & 1 NC contact, roller crank, 2 x M20 cable entry **Replacement for 3SE3210-1G now discontinued**

3SE5000-0AA62 Siemens Relays  3SE500

Siemens adjustable roller leaver (Grid hole arm and plastic roller), stainless steel.

3SE5000-0AH00 Siemens Relays  3SE500

Actuator head, metal, without lever

3SE5000-0AK00 Siemens Relays  3SE500

Siemens limit switch rotary actuator head.

3SE5242-0HC05 Siemens Relays  3SE524

Siemens limit switch body snap-action c/w 1n/o + 1 n/c contacts, (50mm body).

3SE5242-OHK21 Siemens Relays  3SE524

Position switch with metal lever 21mm & plastic roller 19mm, snap-action contacts 1 NO + 1NC

3SE5242-OHK50 Siemens Relays  3SE524

Sirius position switch, 50mm device connection 2 x (M20 x 1.5), 1 NO & 1 NC snap-action contacts, adjustable length of roller lever right/left side adjustable, plastic roller 19mm

3TF2001-1AU0 Siemens Relays  3TF200

4 kw contactor 3 pole c/w 1 normally closed aux. and 240vac coil, IP20

3TH2031-1BB4 Siemens Relays  3TH203

Contactor relay 31E, EN50011, 3 NO + 1NC flat connector terminal DC operation 24Vdc

3TH20310LE4 Siemens Relays  3TH203

Siemens simicont traction relay 60Vdc

3TH20400BE4 Siemens Relays  3TH204

Siemens contactor relay, 40E EN 50 011 4 NO

3TH4031-6CH8 Siemens Relays  3TH403

Contactor Relay, coil voltage 400VAC

3TH4244-0BF4 Siemens Relays  3TH424

Contactor relay 44E EN 50 011, 4 NO & 4 NC, screw terminals, screw & snap-on mounting onto 35mm standard mounting rail according to DIN EN 50022, DC operation, DC solenoid system, 110Vdc

3TH4244-6CB4 Siemens Relays  3TH424

Traction Relay, 4 normally open & 4 normally closed contacts, fork type cable lug, current actuating 24 vdc,

3TH42446CH8 Siemens Relays  3TH424

8 Pole traction relay, with 4 normally open contacts and 4 normally closed contacts, 96Vdc 3TH42-44E

3TH4262-0BF4 Siemens Relays  3TH426

Contactor relay 62E EN 50 011, 6 NO & 2 NC, screw terminals, screw & snap-on mounting onto 35mm standard mounting rail according to DIN EN 50022, DC operation, DC solenoid system, 110Vdc

3TH4262-OBB4 Siemens Relays  3TH426

Contactor relay 62E EN 50 011, 6 NO + 2 NC, screw terminals, DC operation DC solenoid system, 24Vdc

3TH42626CH8 Siemens Relays  3TH426

8 pole traction relay with 6 normally open contacts and 2 normally closed contacts, 96 Vdc 3TH42-62E

3TH4280-6CH8 Siemens Relays  3TH428

Traction relay 96 VDC 3TH42-80E

3TX4440-2B Siemens Relays  3TX444

Auxiliary switch block, with flat connector terminal for contactor relays & motor contactors EN50005

3TY4803-0BF4 Siemens Relays  3TY480

DC magnet coil, 110V for 3TH relay

3TY4803-6CH8 Siemens Relays  3TY480

DC coil for traction relay. 96V

3VL27161EJ430AA Siemens Relays  3VL271

3VL2716-1EJ43-0AA0-Z A01 Siemens circuit breaker VL 160N standard breaking capacity ICU=55KA / 415 V AC 4 Pole, line protection overcurrent releaseTM, LI IN=160A,rated current IR=125-160A, overload II=800-1600A, short circuit N not protected without aux

3VL57631TF460AA Siemens Relays  3VL576

3VL5763-1TF46-0AA0 circuit breaker VL 630N standard switching capacity ICU=55kA / 415V

5ST3010 Siemens Relays  5ST301

5SY aux contacts (AS) 1 NO, 1 NC

5SY6101-7 Siemens Relays  5SY610

6kA, sp mcb, c type 1.0 A

7012WALV Siemens Relays  7012WA

Agastat XSP00/031889, 2-1437488-8, sold in multiples of 2 pieces

7022NDIV Siemens Relays  7022ND

Agastat 5-1437489-1 7000 series industrial electropneumatic timing relay, off-delay, 2 PDT (2 form C), 48Vdc, timing range 5 to 50 sec, tamper-proof cap (choice of I1 opaque black/I2 transparent), transient/surge protection 6-1755142-1

7022WD Siemens Relays  7022WD

Agastat relay XSP00/021987

7024WEV Siemens Relays  7024WE

Agastat XSP00/031888, 9-1437490-5, Sold in multiples of 2 pieces

B630400220 Siemens Relays  B63040

Lovato contactor XSP00/019364 110Vdc

CA5-31E Siemens Relays  CA5-31

ABB CA5.31E 1SBN010040R1031 top mount aux block

CAD32BD Siemens Relays  CAD32B

Control relay, 3 normally open / 2 normally closed contact configuration, 24Vdc, Din rail mount, 5 poles, maximum operating temperature 60 degrees C, contact material silver nickel. XTE00/012047

CAD32BF Siemens Relays  CAD32B

Control Relay (110Vdc - 0.85 - 1.1) XTE00/021972

CAD32FD Siemens Relays  CAD32F

TeSys D control relay - 3 NO + 2 NC - <= 690 V - 110 V DC standard coil 608-7277

CAL5-11 Siemens Relays  CAL5-1

ABB aux contact block CAL5-11, XSP00/019712

CE01005 Siemens Relays  CE0100

Kit consisting of 1 each of: 3SE5242-0HC05: Siemens limit switch body snap-action c/w 1n/o + 1 n/c contacts, (50mm body). 3SE5000-0AK00: Siemens limit switch rotary actuator head. 3SE5000-0AA62: Siemens adjustable roller leaver (Grid hole a

CE201118 Siemens Relays  CE2011

VTM-1 Tyco timing module, XSP00/028740, complete with MRS25 resistor soldered into centre 2 tabs of module

CE98140 Siemens Relays  CE9814

Adaption of Siemens Relay to Alstom reference L15-SP-03623 No Warranty or repair on this product.

LADR2 Siemens Relays

LADR2. TeSys D - time delay auxiliary contact block - 1 NO + 1 NC screw clamp terminals TeSys D - time delay auxiliary contact block - 1 NO + 1 NC screw clamp terminals XTE00/021974 394-9857

LADS2 Siemens Relays

Timer 1-30s on delay XTE00/021973

LC1D09B7 Siemens Relays  LC1D09

Telemecanique contactor

LC1D12BD Siemens Relays  LC1D12

IEC Contactor, contact current max. 12 Amps, Contacts 3PST-NO, coil type DC, DIN rail mount.

LC1D12BF Siemens Relays  LC1D12

IEC Contactor XTE00/021970 (110Vdc - 0.85 - 1.1)

LC1D12FD Siemens Relays  LC1D12

Contactor 12A 110VDC (replaces LP1D120FD)

LC1D32BD Siemens Relays  LC1D32

IEC contactor, 24Vdc XTE00/021971

LC1D32BF Siemens Relays  LC1D32

IEC Contactor XTE00/021971, (110Vdc - 0.85 - 1.1)

PLC-RSC-24DC/21 Siemens Relays  PLC-RS

PLC relay, consisting of base terminal block PLC-BSC..../21 with screw connection & pluggable miniature relay with power contact, for assembly on DIN rail NS 35/7.5, 1 PDT, input voltage 24Vdc, sold in pack of 10 pieces

PT28800 Siemens Relays  PT2880

PT28800 retaining clip for PT relay skt

RA400110 Siemens Relays  RA4001

GPR panel plug-in relay 8-1419111-3

RM1XA040 Siemens Relays  RM1XA0

Overcurrent relay XTE00/012575

RM1XA063 Siemens Relays  RM1XA0

Overcurrent relay XTE00/012574

SKN2.5/16 Siemens Relays  SKN2.5

Semikron rectifier diode 1600V 02641600

TAL30-30-10RT Siemens Relays  TAL30-

ABB contactor, TAL30-30-10RT 62 (77-143) Code 62 XSP00/019711

Waterproof Lab Siemens Relays  WATERP

Label planet LP65/38 GWP Gloss white polyester laser labels 65 per sheet, 38X 21.2 mm rounded.